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Buying a mattress is a big decision. You need to check the kind of support you want and how soft or firm it should be. There are a lot of little aspects that you need to look into. All these little aspects add to the quality of your sleep. Even if one little thing is off it can impact your sleep drastically. Buying a mattress is an investment. If you are looking for extra support then Extra firm mattress Canada is the ideal choice. The extra firm mattress takes away the pressure from your muscles and helps to relax them. With the advancement in technology, there has been an advancement in the technology of mattresses as well. As our lives become more and more fast-paced we need to get good quality of sleep to keep up with it. One such great innovation in the world of mattresses has been brought about by Simmons Beautyrest mattress. Here is how this mattress is bringing about the revolution.


What is Simmons Beautyrest?

Beautyrest Harmony mattress is an innovation in providing support, comfort and cooling together. This beautiful combination will help you to get the best quality sleep. This mattress has been powered by T1 Pocketed Coil technology which offers extra support to your body in the places where it requires it the most. This coil is placed in the centre of the mattress, which helps to take the support provided to another level. The patented technology invented by Beautyrest provides additional support even when there is heavier compression. With this mattress, newer comfort technologies have been introduced, which brings together premium memory foam and charcoal. This helps in natural cooling and relief in pressure.


Makes use of sustainable technology

The mattress uses micro silver and vesicle technologies to break down and get rid of harmful bacteria. This is not only good for your health but also helps to improve the life of the mattress. If you want, you can choose from breathable and eco-friendly fabrics. If you want to amp up the cooling you can also opt for the Emerald Bay Series which come with cool-to-the-touch technology. The company’s partnership with SEAQUEL has helped to make the mattress even more sustainable as you can choose from sustainable fabric. Seaquel is a leading name in ocean plastic recovery. This partnership helps to promote cleaner oceans with each mattress.


Provides tailored support

The Beautyrest mattress makes use of the patented Targeted Support System, which is driven by the T1 Pocketed Coil technology. This revolutionary technology helps to provide support in places where your body needs it the most. The support which is provided to you when you sleep is tailored to your body’s requirements.


Helps to relieve the pressure

Throughout the day, your body goes through extreme pressures that you aren’t aware of. The multiple layers of pressure-relieving foams have been specially designed to provide you with great support and pressure relief. The moment you get into your body, you are bound to feel your body relax.