Monday, March 4, 2024

Why Are Water Heaters Round?


You’re likely familiar with a storage tank water heater. You may have ever wondered what the shape of your water heater is.

It is not like other appliances in your house, the water heater was designed for its purpose. Your water heater was designed to be functional, not aesthetic. Perhaps you have noticed that every storage tank water heater is cylindrical.

What’s the deal? It all makes sense when you think about what’s happening inside your water heater.

Distribution of Pressure

Imagine a can of soda. This can of soda is just like your water heater. It’s shaped like an cylinder. Because a cylindrical shape is practical and can withstand the pressure of carbonated soda in every direction, it is also more practical. A soda can with a thickness of just one tenth can hold liquid at six times the atmospheric pressure (roughly 90 PSI).

A typical water heater can hold 150 PSI of heated liquid. This is much more than what a soda can withstand. Although the water heater’s cylindrical design helps keep pressure contained, excessive pressure can cause damage to the structure and an explosion. Water heaters have pressure relief valves that keep the pressure in check.

Heat distribution

A cylindrical shape is useful for evenly spreading pressure and heat distribution.

A burner at the bottom of a gas water heater heats the water below it and causes it to rise. The cooler water then sinks towards the burner, where it heats up and rises. The same process occurs in an electric water heater that uses heating elements to distribute heat.

Water heaters are cylindrical in shape so water is evenly heated. A water heater of any other shape, such as a cylindrical tank or spherical tank, would be difficult to store in your home or not be as efficient.

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