Wednesday, December 6, 2023

What To Consider When Designing the Facilities in an Office Building


When designing the toilets for your employees at a new office, you are building; you will need to pay close attention to this facet of your office design. You need to ensure you select a good location for them, and you provide everything for your workers that you need to by law. They will need to look good and be functional, ensuring you offer your employees the privacy they need when using the facilities. Below are some of the factors you will need to consider that can ensure you design suitable toilet facilities for your new office space.

Separate Facilities

You will need to ensure that you have separate facilities for men and woman, and you also need to have suitable toilets for the disabled. You will need to consider how much space the toilet cubicles will require, and then you can look to put them in the most suitable location of your office. You will most likely want to have your toilet facilities in the same location, although if you have a larger office, you may need more than one lot of toilets for your office.

Getting The Numbers Correct

You will need to look at how many employees you have and keep one eye on expanding in the future when deciding how many toilet cubicles to have in your toilets. There are laws in place that govern this area of business, so you will need to ensure you adhere to the rules and regulations. You can click here to get more information on the number of toilet cubicles and urinals for men you require, depending on how many people you employ at the office. You may also want to consider privacy in the toilets, and one way to enhance this is by adding dividers between the urinals in the male bathrooms. Some people struggle to empty their bladders when they are too close to people, so ensure you do not try to cram too much into your toilets.

Other Facilities You May Wish To Include

Depending on the size of your facilities and the type of work you do, you may also want to provide your employees with other facilities, such as showers. Many employers are now actively encouraging their employees to look after their health and provide fruits and sometimes yoga or Pilates classes. You may also be a member of the cycle to work scheme, and employees may want to shower before they start their shift. It is not compulsory that you provide these additional facilities, but it can help make your workers happier, which can also make them more productive.

Do Not Forget the Storage

You will also want to ensure that you include storage in your toilet facilities so you can store all the cleaning products and other things you will need, such as soap, toilet paper, and hand towels. Your storage area does not need to be massive, but it will make things much easier to maintain the facilities when you have adequate storage facilities, so you never have to run out of the essentials. It will also make things easier for the cleaning staff, so they will also thank you for ensuring adequate storage that is well stocked.