Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Tips for Maintaining a Hardwood Deck


When it is barbeque season, your deck becomes your command centre, and when the spotlight is on you and your deck, you want to make sure that everything is looking right. For some of us our deck is nearly an extension of ourselves. It is the place we reap the rewards of working that thankless job, and it is where our closest friends come, and we can all be ourselves. It is a place of great food, big laughs, and heartfelt conversation. Because of this you want to take care of it. Here are a few tips to help you keep it in good shape.

  • Keep it Clean: Most of the damage to hardwood decks comes from moisture. The moisture that comes from rain can be bad, but what is worse is the moisture from things that get in contact with the deck and stays there several days. Things like flowerpots, leaf litter, pine needles, welcome mats, and furniture all trap moisture against the wood, the most important thing to do is to keep your deck clean and move the furniture around so damp areas have some time to dry out. Also, don’t keep flower pots on the deck. Unless you can move them around too.
  • Replace Damaged Boards: As your deck ages, you are going to see a few boards go bad, and sometimes they can get damaged. It is good to keep on top of it, especially it the damage is from rot. You can locate a good supplier of hardwood in Brisbane through an internet search.
  • Landscape: The most constant threat to your deck is going to be the natural elements. Trees, shrubs and weeds that grow too close to your deck will begin to damage the deck after a while, and they will be a constant source of debris that will pile up on your deck in the off-season, causing damage when you aren’t looking. Keep all the flora around your deck in check.
  • Pressure Washing: You should avoid pressure washing your deck. Unless your deck has gone a long time without any maintenance, there should be no need. If you pressure wash, you will need to stain the deck again soon.

Taking care of a deck is not difficult, just treat it like part of your house that needs to remain tidy. Keep it as dry as you can and keep the weeds and critters in check. Look after your deck and it will look after you, providing evening after evening of quality living.