Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tips For Hiring A Moving Company When Relocating From One Place To Another


When hiring a moving company like alliance moving and storage, several doubts may arise. Which company is more reliable, how much can the moving service cost, request a quote, and what details should I be concerned with?   But rest assured, we have separated for you the main points that must be considered when hiring a moving company.

What Services Does A Moving Company Offer?

At first, this question may seem very obvious, but a change involves a series of services that can complement and guarantee more convenience for you. So, when hiring a moving company, check out all the differentials it offers and assess the cost-benefit ratio. There is nothing better than worrying as little as possible while a capable team takes care of everything.

In conclusion, here are some of the primary services that the best moving companies offer:

  • face-to-face inspections
  • online quote
  • Packing of items (furniture, appliances, clothing, decorative items)
  • Packing of clothes in special hangers
  • Complete insurance of transported items
  • Road transport
  • Real-time tracker of your change
  • Lifting
  • Change advice (planning and monitoring)
  • house cleaning
  • Delivery of apartment to real estate
  • Painting of the apartment after moving

Thus, it is essential to highlight that not all companies have these options. So, when moving, evaluate what is important to you and how these differentials can ensure a smoother move. First of all, it is worth remembering that most of these options are already included in the service in some moving companies and do not generate any additional value for the customer. Finally, now that you know all these steps, it’s time to request your quote.

How To Correctly Request A Moving Quote

First, for you who have read this far or are familiar with the contents of our blog, this point will be straightforward. In summary, we already know that the moment to request a quote is fundamental. This is your first contact with the company. This way, in addition to being able to determine how the service and support are, you can also clear all the points you want and the complete list of items that will be transported.

In this way with the help of alliance moving and storage, you will be able to budget online, by phone, or by requesting a face-to-face inspection. So, regardless of the chosen channel, make sure not to forget to inform which items will be transported, the place of origin and destination of the move, and the best date for the service.

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