Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Tips for Giving Your Old Bathroom a Facelift


At some point, you may have started getting tired of the look of your bathroom. Far from being one of the most relaxing and comfortable rooms in your house, you can’t wait to get your bathroom needs over and done with and leave it as fast as you can. Unfortunately, this should not be the case. Imagine yourself coming home after a long day of work and wanting to pamper yourself with a warm bath in what should be your favourite private space. Instead, you find yourself welcomed by a boring bathroom that does nothing to make you feel better.

Bathroom renovations can be expensive, but there are many ways to spruce it up without having to shell out a lot of cash. What you need to do is get creative and start imagining how you want your bathroom to look like. It would also help to consider adding your choice from the wide array of walk in showers you can find online, which does wonders in improving the appearance of your bathroom. Here are more ideas you could try for your bathroom facelift project.

Get rid of dated wallpaper

Wallpaper is becoming quite popular again, and many people like having them in their bathrooms. However, your wallpaper may have already seen much better days and shows the tell-tale signs of staining and fading. Additionally, the old design is no longer as trendy as it was in the past. It would be best to replace it with a brand new wallpaper with a modern design. You may repaint your bathroom and attach the wallpaper to strategic areas for accent.

Repaint your cabinets

Depending on your colour scheme, your bathroom cabinets can use a new coat of paint to make them look new again. You could try a contrasting colour to make it pop out and add character. While you are sprucing up your bathroom cabinet, consider replacing the handles too. If they are worn out, they will only ruin the appearance of your freshly painted cabinets. Replace other fixtures as well so that they complement the new theme of your bathroom and look well-coordinated.

Bring in your favourite artwork

Your bathroom could use some decorating, and your favourite art pieces hanging on the bathroom wall will be a reflection of your personality. You will also feel a lot more relaxed when you are surrounded by art pieces you love. When you do, however, ensure that they are appropriately framed. This will keep them from being damaged by the humid atmosphere inside the bathroom.

Bring in your greens

There is no doubt that plants make you feel good. Just looking at them displayed in different areas of your home can increase your good mood levels as they soothe your eyes. When it comes to your bathroom, you can be sure that plants will grow well because of the humidity inside the bathroom. It is also no secret that having them around makes the air healthier because they are able to absorb toxins and let off oxygen. You are not only enhancing your bathroom’s appearance but making your indoor air quality healthier too.

Simple touches to your bathroom can make it look more appealing and make your stay as pleasant and comfortable as the ideal bathroom would.