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Three Storey Homes: Are They Worth Your Money?


Few homebuyers choose a three storey home design. Not everyone will like it. Since they know they won’t be able to buy one, most prospective homeowners still need to examine three storey home ideas. It is a substantial investment, and when all is said and done, it is more costly than bungalow and two-story home plans. Three storey homes may be stunning and provide excellent architectural options like mezzanine levels and grand staircases. There are particular challenges associated with custom home builders Mandurah, such as accessibility, heating and cooling, and cleaning and maintenance.

Furthermore, a three storey home is something that only some homeowners need. For them, it is too large. Most families can live comfortably in a two-story home, particularly if it was planned by a talented architect and built by skilled custom home builders Mandurah.

Who May Benefit From Three Storey Homes?

You probably aren’t shocked that individuals seek three-story home designs. Typically, if any of the following apply to you, you may benefit from a three-story home:

You Have a Big Family

This is particularly true if your children suddenly need their rooms. Another factor to consider is how many bathrooms and toilets a more prominent family would need. More living spaces are also required for a bigger household.

You Have a Small Lot

Designing a bungalow or two-story home that would suit your family might be challenging if your lot is small—less than 200 square metres. On smaller properties, three storey homes may be built.

You Have a Lot of Other Requirements

You could do a lot of work from home. Your productivity increases if you have a home office. You may also put up a home gym if you’re an exercise enthusiast. You may not need to join a gym as a result. What about a space for enjoyment that can bring your family closer together?

You Want to Expand Your Family

It’s a good idea to plan when investing in a property.

To Invest Wisely, Use This Advice

Following this advice will ensure that you get fantastic returns on your investment.

Take Into Account Separating Spaces

You genuinely have the rare chance to take advantage of great spatial separation. Having all of the living spaces (living room, kitchen, and dining room) on the first floor is a tried and true method. The bedrooms, including a guest bedroom and any other spaces dependent on your additional demands, are on the second floor. Lastly, your main bedroom will be found on the third floor.

Place a Living Area Outside On Each Level

Imagine waking up in your main bedroom on the third floor, having your morning coffee, and wishing everyone a good morning outside in your outdoor living area. This is also incredibly useful if you’re considering building a three-story home since your lot is short or narrow. In essence, you’re increasing the size of your outside living area. A skilled architect may design each level with a unique outdoor living space, such as a patio, lanai, or deck.

The majority of houses need attics. There are so many uses for a loft. A third level may be more reasonably priced but still highly beneficial. It may be used to store items that you use sparingly. Even a more functional area, such as a tiny bedroom or office, may be made from an attic.

Put Liveability First

Choose from livability-focused three story home layouts. Make the most of your investment by ensuring it raises your living standard. Your architect will design a three-story home depending on the requirements and preferences of your family. On the ground floor, consider an open space. As a result, it will seem bigger than it really is.

Take Your Entertainment Into Account

Your three-story house may save money on entertainment. There’s no need for pricey movie evenings when you can watch movies in your entertainment room. Your spacious living spaces (kitchen, dining, and living rooms) can host delicious meals the whole family enjoys, so there’s no need to spend money eating out. You can cancel your pricey club membership if you can put up a home gym.

Using these suggestions, you may optimise your investment in a three-story home design. But do not worry. A two-story home design may provide you with an excellent standard of living.

Would You Prefer a Three-Storey Home?

Would a home with three stories be the greatest choice for you? Your lifestyle, finances, and personal preferences influence your final decision. Some of the things you should think about are as follows:

Family Size and Needs

If you have a big family or entertain visitors regularly, a three-story home might be a great option. Due to the increased living space and separation of private and public areas, families may live in a comfortable and functional atmosphere.


Building and maintaining a three-story home might be more expensive than building one or two levels. Owners must consider their finances and long-term goals before buying a three-story property.

Personal Preferences

Your choices will significantly determine if a three-story house is the best choice for you. More living space, privacy, and unique design options are just a few benefits of three storey homes. These houses can be an excellent match for families with kids, those who work from home, or people who cherish their alone time and relaxation. Yet, three storey homes also provide a unique set of challenges, such as those connected to accessibility, heating and cooling, and cleaning and maintenance.