Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Tampa Roof Repair After Extreme Weather


Two possibilities can be considered when discussing extreme weather. The first is extreme weather that lasts for an extended period, such as a very hot summer. The second is sudden weather events such as a hurricane, rainstorms, or hailstorms. In each case, the homeowner will need to repair their roof depending on how severe the weather event was.

Tampa Roof Problems

  1. Extreme Heat

Your roofing materials will be negatively affected by the unusually hot summers of Tampa, Florida. In the heat, shingles will curl and warp. Dryness can also cause wood shakes to crack.

  1. Wind Damage

Tampa is prone to strong gales. These extreme weather conditions can be very damaging to your roof. Wind lifts the shingles, and can even blow them away. The wind will shake the shingles and dislocate them if it is weaker.

  1. Gutter and Downspout Obstructions

The wind blows in lots of debris, which can clog the gutters. Overflowing gutters can cause water to seep into the roof through the fascia. After a storm, the homeowner can clean out the gutters. This will help reduce the chance of water damage.

  1. Broken Flashings

Flashings can be affected by strong winds. The roofing cement will be dislocated and cracked by the distorted metal sheets, creating gaps around roof structures. You will need to replace flashings more often than not.

  1. Chimney Damaged

The storm is most severe when the chimneys rise higher than the roof. The bricks at the top of the roof tend to fall and crumble as a result. If not addressed promptly, this can cause water damage. After a storm, you should inspect the chimney and replace any bricks that have fallen.

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