Monday, March 4, 2024

How To Remove Excess Pet Hair Build Up in Your Dryer



Everyone loves their furry friends. However, they shed their hair constantly in all parts of your home. From your bedroom to the living room furniture and even your clothes. All that pet hair can damage your washer and dryer if not handled carefully. If that happens, you spend extra cash on professional repair after searching for “dryer repair near me”. Before removing excess pet hair from your dryer, let’s check out some preventative steps to stop pet hair from getting into the dryer:

The Details

  1. Couch covers – Couch covers are a great way of controlling pet hair. Your pets can roll over, scratch themselves on the covers, and shed an unspeakable amount of hair on the covers and you’ll still be able to remove it with ease. Getting couch covers with special anti-static fabric and removing pet hair would be as easy as brushing it off.

Make sure to buy covers that are very modular and can be easily taken on or off. That allows you to adjust the covers on different furniture and also take them off with ease for cleaning. Covers with zippers and Velcro mechanisms are the ideal choice.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on covers, you can buy an oversized blanket that covers all of the couch and doesn’t require a lot of work on your part. It’s also a great idea to train your dog with treats and let them know that they have to wait and get brushed before getting on the couch.

  1. Brush and bathe your furry friend regularly – Tackling any problem at the source is the best solution. While you can place multiple mechanisms to get rid of pet hair from your furniture, laundry, and the dryer, controlling it at the source is the best possible solution.

You need to assess the shedding capacity of your pet and stick to a precise grooming routine to tackle it. Bathing your pet regularly helps get rid of hair that may be shed later. Using an anti-static shampoo may facilitate shedding. You can also choose the appropriate brush for your pet and daily brush their coat to get rid of excess hair.

You also need to pay extra attention during the spring and fall season since shedding is bolstered during this period. You may need to amp up the grooming routine to keep a check on that excess hair.

  1. Rinse your clothes with vinegar – Vinegar isn’t just a great household cleaner but also helps you get rid of pesky pet hair. Vinegar softens fabrics and makes the threads smoothen out. This helps you get rid of stuck pet hair from your clothes with ease. If you want to negate the smell of vinegar, you can have a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice.
  1. Use a handheld steamer – While vinegar is a great fabric softener, it isn’t ideal for delicate fabrics. Instead, you can use a handheld steamer to smoothen out delicate fabrics and loosen the pet hair. Steamers gently dampen your fabric and allow you to effortlessly remove excess hair from the clothes with a few brushings of dryer sheets, lint roller, and more.

With that out of the way, let’s check out how you can remove excess pet hair from your dryer.

  1. Fur zappers – Fur zappers are marvelous inventions made from silicone compounds. When you throw them in the washer or dryer, they collect and hold fur so that you can flush excess fur easily. However, you can’t use fabric softeners or dryer sheets with them since they tend to stick to the zappers.

Users have found various levels of effectiveness after using these zappers. However, in all cases, the zappers have removed a great amount of pet hair for most owners. The zapper has also shown effectiveness in catching stubborn long locks of fur.

Moreover, it’s reusable. After each use, you can rinse off the zapper. A two-pack can last you for as long as a year if you have a medium-sized pet with moderate fur shedding.

  1. Pet hair removing dryer sheets – If you’re a pet owner, you’re better off buying pet hair-specific dryer sheets. They are great for catching excess pet hair. Dryer sheets are known for their antistatic properties that soften fabrics and loosen hair from the fabric. This way most of the pet hair gets stuck in the lint trap of your dryer instead of sticking to your clothes.

If you aren’t too keen on cleaning the lint trap after every use, you can rub off excess pet fur from your clothes with dryer sheets before you put them inside the dryer. An extra dryer sheet can keep you from cleaning a lot of lint trap cleaning. As a bonus, dryer sheets also imbue your clothes with a pleasant smell that negates your canine’s nasty scent.

  1. Wool dryer balls – Unlike dryer sheets and fur zappers, wool dryer balls are an expensive option for removing excess pet hair. However, they are worth the money since they are the most effective. They are also a reusable item that doesn’t just remove excess pet hair but prevents your clothes from getting wrinkles.

Wool dryer balls soften your clothes and since they aren’t too dense, they also improve the airflow in your dryer. This can accelerate drying cycles and make your dryer more efficient. You can simply layer a couple of wool balls inside the dryer and turn it on. Throwing them in before turning on the dryer isn’t ideal. Unlike dryer sheets, they are not scented and that can help people who are sensitive to strong smells.


Now that you know how to manage pet hair in your laundry and your dryer, you can manage it way better. Take all the steps mentioned above and do routine maintenance and repair of your dryer. You can search for “dryer repair near me” and hire professionals to keep your dryer in top condition.