Wednesday, June 19, 2024

How To Get Rid Of Green Swimming Pool



Often we as proud owners of a dainty swimming pool struggle with a green-colored pool. The green color looks beautiful when you look at it, like freshly mowed summer grass. But the green color of the swimming pool is not as pleasing when it is floating in your swimming pool’s water. The algae are what causes this green color of the swimming pool.

What Is This Green Color?

When you are brainstorming your head on how to clean a green swimming pool, the following tips can help you. Before shocking the algae while treating your swimming pool water, get to know what kind of algae is infesting your pool. Algae will grow in pools when the chlorine level is lower and the pH level disbalances. The color of algae varies from greens to yellows. Sometimes even black.

Here are the common cleaning steps that can help you get your sparkling clean pool back.

1 – Understand The Chemistry Of Waters.

Algae grow in water, thriving on the micro-organism of the water. To rule out what may be causing the algae to grow, first test your water to be sure. Check for the level of chlorine and its pH level. Sometimes you would also need to check for stabilizer level to stable the level of chlorine.

2 – Fix Your Water

Adding a stabilizer to maintain the chlorine would be required if the chlorine does not stay in the proper range. Maintain the optimal range of chlorine and pH by rectifying the increase and decrease. To maintain a clean and algae-free swimming pool proper level of chlorine is essential.

3 – Shock Therapy

Give your pool shock therapy to ward off the algae from clinging to your swimming pool. Giving shock to your swimming pool essentially means adding dollops of chlorine to the water. The shock clears away the water by killing away all micro-organism and algae. Super chlorinating the pool can give your eyes and hands a stinging burning sensation. Make sure to use proper safety gear to save your eyes and hands.

4 – Algaecide And Stabilizers

Using additives like stabilizers and algaecide will enhance the shock therapy to the next level. Sunlight’s UV rays can cause the chlorine to work less effectively. The best way is to give shock at dusk or add stabilizers to maintain the required level. Algaecides, on the other hand, helps maintain and clear off algae from your pool. Make sure to use a popular brand or take the help of Swimming Pool Services to help you more on this.

5 – Brush And Clean

Now comes the manual task of getting in the grind and cleaning the grime. Brush off every surface of your swimming pool and vacuum the accumulated algae from your pool. Make sure to clean the filters frequently while cleaning the algae.


It might get intimidating to clear a big green pool without too much trouble yourself. Regular upkeeping of the pool can keep your work easy and the swimming pool sparkling. Make sure you do not let water sit idle for long as that can become the breeding ground. Keep a close watch as algae can bounce again.