Saturday, April 13, 2024

How To Embrace Your Garden Space


If you are one of many first time buyers, moving into a brand new property, then you’re likely to have a mind full of ideas and exciting renovation projects. During the current buoyant housing market, there has been a significant demand for homes with gardens as a greater number of residents want to enjoy and outdoor space.

Some may see gardens as a seasonal activity. They can require constant maintenance to keep them tidy against the weather and, for a space that is only to be enjoyed through the summer, it can understandably be seen as an unworthy pursuit.

However, embracing your new garden space only requires a little rethinking. An outdoor space doesn’t only require great weather to be enjoyed, nor does it require maintaining for the sake of presentation. In fact, even a small outdoor space, can bear many fruits.

Design For Growing

As a greater understanding of our natural environment becomes more important, many residents are turning to their own homes to learn how they can use their own space to reduce their own impact. This is leading to more gardens to be treated as land for growing, sometimes known as urban smallholding.

Growing your own food is an incredibly rewarding endeavour. Not only will it improve your carbon footprint and your understanding of agriculture but it may also give you enough of a bounty to begin sharing or trading produce within your neighbourhood.

A Place For All Seasons

The idea of deck chairs in the rain isn’t pleasant and it is this perspective that leads many to neglect their garden during the colder seasons. However, one surprising fix comes in the form of summer houses. Despite their name, these outdoor buildings are great spaces to enjoy all year round.

Depending on what type of space you would like to enjoy, a summer house or cabin can be ideal for relaxing, entertainment, working, or as a place for guests to stay. Whether you build one yourself or purchase a pre-made structure, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination. And local regulation, of course!

Consider Your Wellbeing

Nature has a fantastic ability to support our wellness. Even a small amount of time among the greenery can improve our outlook on life. Part of the reason for the demand for garden spaces is because a greater number of people are seeking to have access to their own natural sanctuary.

Assets, such as a pond or fountain, can be the audible ambients you need to restore your balance. Dense and wild greenery, as well as beautifully aromatic flowers, can each be easily encouraged to grow in your outdoor space, giving you a private retreat within which to restore your wellbeing.

Support Your Hobbies

Having an outdoor space that allows you to enjoy your hobbies is invaluable. Whether you want to install gym equipment, beehives, or a pizza oven, a garden is a perfect place to take your interests to the next level. Instead of looking at your outdoor area as a space for relaxation, instead, think about your personal interests and whether any of them might benefit from utilising the outdoors.