Saturday, April 13, 2024

How to Design an Elegant Kitchen


Over the last few decades, kitchen styles have grown in popularity in Australia. This rise can be attributed to the distinct sense of ageless, leisurely theme that will invite, light, vivid, and spacious a spacious feel. The unique design of the Hampton style, for example, is timeless, so, it will be a style that will age well and, if you choose this style, you will have a kitchen that will be fashionable for many years to come.

What is the ‘Hampton Style’?

The Hamptons is a small group of breathtaking villages in the state of New York, popular with high network individuals and tourists from all over the world. This prestigious location has become comparable with refined elegance and style combined with a sense of laid-back coastal feel. The Hampton villages are where the very rich and wealthy go to escape the grind of everyday life, you too though, could have the same style at a reasonable cost.

Many people want a Hamptons style kitchen but believe it would clash with their more modern-style home. As a result, the ‘pared-back’ Hamptons style is gaining popularity. This style pays homage to traditional elements while being less decorative and thus fitting in with more modern styling.

What do consider in terms of design

There are numerous design styles of the ‘Hampton’ look, typically though here are the features that will make a big difference;

  • Door Profiles – A popular choice is the Smith & Smith ‘flat panel’. This profile features a raised, slightly decorative, frame around a flat recessed centre panel
  • Overhead cabinets and shelving – Overhead cabinets and shelving have the advantage of increasing storage space while maintaining the same kitchen footprint.
  • Open shelving – Decorative items such as plants with tendrils draping elegantly down open shelves provide a fresh and refined look
  • Overhead cabinets with a solid door or glazing – The only question is, do you want to show off what it inside?
  • Materials – natural materials with seaside tones are top of the list.
  • Colour – keep the palette neutral and muted.
  • Splashback – Too often, a splash back is an afterthought, but with some thought, it can really make the room shine!
  • Feature pendants – Beacon lighting has a fun app that allows you to see lights in your room before you take them home.
  • Butlers sink – something a bit different to the usual ceramic sink, consider copper or matte black for a little unique style.



If you like the sound of the Hampton style then just make some enquiries, local firms will be more than happy to quote you for your budget.