Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Getting The Kitchen Of Your Dreams For Your Shropshire Home


When you are desperate to have your dream kitchen but moving home is out of the question, if you have the available space, you can consider extending your home and creating the perfect family kitchen in your home. It can change the dynamics of your home, creating a large open-plan kitchen and dining area and changing how you and your family use the space in your home. Investing in your house this way can be much more cost-effective than moving, and it will also increase your home’s value, so it is worth the investment. Below are some tips to help ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams that is perfect for you and your family.

Determine Your Budget

When looking to extend your home, your first consideration is how much money you can invest in the project and set a reasonable budget. You must ensure your budget reflects your aspirations for your dream kitchen, but with some clever design, you can achieve a high-end finish on a reasonable budget. Get your project’s finances in place, and the next step is to find a company to help you design the extension of your home.

Designing Your Dream Kitchen

You may think you already know what your dream kitchen looks like, but it is worth using the services of a professional kitchen designer to ensure it matches your expectations. When looking for companies offering professional kitchen design, Shropshire has many options for you to consider, and there are many benefits to using their services. They can help stretch your budget, use their experience to maximise your use of space, and offer creative ideas you may not have considered. Once you have the plans created for your dream kitchen and are happy to proceed, you will need permission to build.

Planning Permission & Finding A Builder

It is relatively straightforward in most cases to get planning permission to build in Shropshire, and the process will usually take around eight weeks to complete. You can see the country planning portal by clicking here, giving you more information on the planning permission process. While waiting for permission to be granted, you can start searching for a suitable building company to help build your extension and dream kitchen, making your dreams a reality. Many reputable building companies in Shropshire can build your extension to a high quality and ensure you look at their online reputations before deciding to use them using platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Saving Money On Building Costs

Once you have permission to build and a building company to do the work, you can save money on the cost of your project by sourcing the materials yourself. You will need to project manage the build efficiently and ensure all materials are on site when required, or you can delay it and increase its overall cost. However, if you have the time, you can save between 10-15% on the cost of the materials you need for your project, which can make for significant savings. However, you can let your building company take care of the details and wait for them to finish your dream kitchen and complete your family home.