Saturday, April 13, 2024

6 Tips To Motivate You To Clean (Even When You Don’t Want To


Everyone likes to see the house tidy, but the cleaning process can be tiring and a little boring. Even if the place you live in isn’t huge, cleaning and organizing it is rarely an enjoyable task. Make cleaning is beneficial for the mind and body and, of course, everyone likes to see your home tidy, but the cleaning process can be tiring and a bit boring, especially for those who are not a fan of the activity, if so, you can use the help of cleaning services like Euromaids Naperville for example to do the work. Here are some motivational tips.

1) Divide The Operation Into Smaller Tasks

The idea is to divide all the work into simpler daily tasks: cleaning the kitchen floor on the first day, vacuuming the house rugs on the second, polishing the bedroom furniture on the third, etc. This way, it is more likely that all activities will be completed, and the entire process will become less tiring.

2) Enjoy The Moments When You Feel Motivated

There’s no way: sometimes we feel willing to clean, but sometimes we don’t. And it is when we are motivated to do something, we should strive to make cleaning easier on the days when we are not so keen. For example: when your mood is greater, separate cleaning products and everything you will need for work and leave them organized and ready to use in a place at your fingertips. That way, when you get home tired or more unmotivated, all you’ll need to do is pick up what you’ve separated and started cleaning.

3) Make A 10-Minute “Deal” With Yourself

Even if you don’t like doing just any task, try setting a 10-minute alarm and see how much of it you can finish in that amount of time. It may be that this habit motivates you to continue doing what you’ve already started – but if it doesn’t, at least you’ve made some progress for a while.

4) Remember: You Don’t Have To Feel Like Cleaning

In other words, if you don’t have to wait until you feel like cleaning. You need to finish it, whatever it takes.

5) Be Adept At “If-Then” Planning

For the psychologist, it is easier to give yourself specific instructions about where and when you are going to perform a task than to muster enough willpower to do it at random times. You might, for example, tell yourself that when it’s noon on Sunday, you’re going to sweep the living room and the dining room.

6) Ask If You Need To Clean Now

If you don’t want to clean the house right now, maybe you don’t need to. it is essential to consider whether a tidy place would make you much happier. “If I had to choose between playing with my kids on a fine Saturday day and staying indoors to make sure my table is tidy, I would take the first option.